Score a Successful Superhero Birthday Party with these 6 Ideas

Score a Successful Superhero Birthday Party with these 6 ideas.

Planning a superhero party and need some help bringing it to life? We have six super-strength ideas to hosting a superhero party for all ages.

  1. Masks to transform into Superheroes

Suit up your soon-to-be superheros with all the supplies they need to save the day! Our personal favorites are DIY mask, as there are endless possibilities with these masks to spark some serious inspiration.

Kids can decorate their very own masks with markers, stickers, gems, and stars to transform themselves into their favorite superhero. They can take inspiration from their favorite superheroes, Superman, Wonder Woman and the like.

Today's featured item is the Superhero Party Box, which includes all the supplies for this amazingly simple art activity for 6 and a lot more!

  1.  Make it a Costume Party

A perfect pairing to the DIY masks are costumes. Ask guest to come as their favorite superheros. Dress up can garner excitement from kids and parents alike.

You can also provide capes, decorated shirts, or even previous halloween costumes for guest who may not have their own costumes.

  1. Comic Book Cityscape Brought to Life

With a few new superheros running around, and this budget friendly idea, you can create a backdrop for your superhero guest to fight crime.

Using cardboard, scissors and craft paint to create 2D city-like buildings, add some fun Boom and Pow signs to really get the superhero look. This easy  yet exciting cityscape is perfect for imaginative play and pictures.

As for those awesome comic book style Booms, Pows and Wham sings, they are provided in our Superhero Party Box. They can be a wonderful addition to decorating  your city skyline or dessert table.

  1. Games for all ages

As for the birthday child, they are likely looking forward to playing with their friends on their birthday. Finding successful games to keep kids engaged can really depend on the various age groups.

The X-Ray Vision game can put children’s super abilities to the test, and can be easily adapted for a variety of ages, even adults can play. They're going to want to!

Place a few household objects such as aluminum foil, hair clip, get as creative as you want! Place each item in a brown paper bag and have the children guess what the object is by reaching into the bag. This can be a fun way for children to use their imagination and their senses.

  1. Coloring Pages to Save the Day

Along with the DIY mask, providing an additional art component can continue to inspire creativity. Superhero related coloring pages are loved by many and are budget friendly option.  These pages and a few magic markers can be placed at each child’s seat, at a side table or added to goodie bags to continue the fun at home.

We have created an exclusive superhero coloring page included in the Superhero Party Box as well.

  1. Super-size Dot Sweets:

Incorporate the super theme when selecting sweets for your party for that extra special touch. A classic choice are the super-sized pack of mega-dot candies. They come in an easy to cut sheet of paper that is perfect for sharing.

They are a fun reminder of the dots decorating those classic comic book stories, and their vibrant colors fit perfectly with the theme. Find these dots inside the Superhero Party Box!

Regardless of how old your little superhero will be, they will enjoy these really simple yet fun additions to their birthday. We have created the Superhero Party Box for 12, which provides kids crafts, decorations and tableware to make party planning that much easier!

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