7 Tips for Hosting a Successful Painting Party for Kids

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Painting is a great activity to foster creative development in children of any age and skill level. Our Painting Birthday box for 6 provides a painting activity, supplies, instructions and party essentials which are perfectly packaged to make your party planning easy.


Below we have highlighted a few items and how to incorporate them the day of the party to have a truly successful day!


Aprons are a must:

Even if you choose a washable paint, it's likely that paint will end up all over the childrens clothes at some point in the painting process. Included in our Painting Birthday box are 6 children aprons, we have also included magic markers for them to decorate and personalize their apron.


You can also lay out our Color-it tablecloth that kids can decorate with markers before you begin the painting activity. This will also give guest a place to practice their art skills before they get their canvases!


Simple Painting Project:

The provided art activity found inside our Party Box includes necessary supplies along with easy to follow instructions. The visual instructions are intended for children ages 6 to 9 to understand easily. The project includes 6 sets of potted paints, watercolor paint, and brushes to paint canvas boards.


Get inspired:

Printout images of your favorite paintings or well known masterpieces for guest to find inspiration. Present guest with various painting styles and encourage them to incorporate ones that inspire them into their own painting.


Also, collectible postcards of inspiring artworks or fun quotes found in the Painting Part box that can be passed around too!


Painting cupcakes:

Don't let the painting end at the painting table. Incorporate the theme by having the children decorate their own cupcake in their signature painterly fashion. Provide icing in a variety of colors, sprinklers, gels and a plastic knife or spoon for them to spread onto the cupcake. Watch as they create a yummy masterpiece!


To add that extra painting look, place the cupcake onto a round plastic paint palettes and add the icing and toppings around the cupcake. It is also functional, as it can act as their plate too.


Display your art like a pro:

Our favorite additions to the Painting Party Box are the mini wooden easels that will beautifully display their finished pieces. Guest will love taking these home to display their art for all to see.


Painting Party Favors:

This painting party will certainly spark  some amazing inspiration for  your guest. The party favors in the Painting arty Box include mini paint kit, pencil, eraser, bubbles, stampers, stickers and tattoos (selections vary seasonally).


Along with the color wheel, apron, easel and the party favors provided, your guests will have plenty of supplies to keep creating when they get home. This may even result in a new hobbie!


Clean up with Ease:

We know painting can get messing very quickly, which can make clean up a drag. That is exactly why decided to include a package of wipes in the Painting Party box to clean brushes and hands - no need to use water and make a mess!


Find each of these items and much more inside our Painting Party Box for 6 Artist!

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