About Art Truck in a Box

A little about our founder, our inspiration, and our mission.

Art Truck in a Box is the inspiration of artist, educator, traveler and entrepreneur, Maura O’Shea, who founded The Art Truck, a mobile art party business, to mobilize creativity in her home state of Connecticut, one party at a time.

Fueled by her passion for art, parties, and living a creative life, Maura and her talented team of educators, creativity coaches and party planners have celebrated with more than 50,000 children, students and adults throughout CT, delivering 5 Star art parties at thousands of celebrations since 2011.

Maura’s inspiration has been fueled by one Art Truck constant: the pure joy of seeing people of all ages unleashed on the best materials after they have chosen their Art Truck project. This has proven, over and over again, that Art Truck’s accessible activities lead to engagement and creative thinking for people all ages. Maura’s recipe combines inspiring materials, fun projects, simple instruction, and lots of creative freedom to encourage imagination and experimentation.

Now, we’re boxing up these awesome recipes to deliver right to your front door so you can enjoy Art Truck projects anytime to celebrate birthdays, family fun or to enjoy some creative down-time on your own, because, in the words of George Bernard Shaw,

“Life is not about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself.”